Color Measurement Instruments

Our high performance Konica Minolta precise color measurement instruments organizations formulate, evaluate, and control color to meet product quality and operational goals more efficiently.



Glossmeters measure an optical property, which is based on the interaction of light with the physical characteristics of a surface.

20, 60, 85 Degree Multi Angle Glossmeter (MG268-F2)

60 Degree Glossmeter (MG6-F1)

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Light Booths

Colors appear differently under different lighting conditions. Use of a light booth to simulate different lighting conditions helps to obtain objective color assessment, improves communication and reduces product rejections.

25x15 Light Booth

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Food Light Booths

Model Number 25x15-D50-Kraft Medium Light Booth and Compliance Certificate

25x15-D50 -Kraft Light Booth

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OVI Light Booths

We design and build special Lightbooths for currency quality control.

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Portable Paint Systems

Our system is self-contained and designed to go anyplace in the world to provide a perfect color matching coating at the site in remote locations. It is robust and meets military requirements.

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Flavor Measurement

We used a scientific instrument and measured food during cooking. We discovered a set of wavelengths that correlate to the Maillard flavor reaction. The eye is unable to discriminate these wavelengths and they only are detectable using instruments. Based upon tests we created a new color algorithm equation to measure flavor.

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