The Glossmeters are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in ISO 2813, ASTM D523 and ASTM D2457.

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Technical Specifications
Reading Range0 ~ 199.9 ~ 2000 Gu
Deviation±1.5; ±1.5% Gu
Measuring Area9mm x 10mm
9mm x 16mm
5mm x 39mm
Incidence Angle20°
Volume155 mm x 75 mm x 48 mm
Weight400 g


  • General purpose instrument for all gloss levels
  • Materials: paper, paint, plastic, metal, marble, furniture, wood, all coatings, and tile


  • Interface: Serial RS 232 with cable
  • Software: Data Operator included with excel interface
  • Memory: 10,000 measurements or 999 data groups
  • Power Supply: A single AA size battery (Rechargeable or alkaline)
  • Main Glossmeter with Cradle Calibration Standard
  • Simple to use, small, rugged, and smart
  • Manual and carrying bag included
  • Guaranteed one year