Color Measurement

We provide color measurement services. We have a variety of color measurement colorimeters and spectrophotometers. These include Konica Minolta CR-400, CR-410, CM-5, CR-10, CR-300, CR-310, MC-3600A, Ocean Optics 2000, and Premosys HS-139. In addition we can provide gloss measurements using our MG-60 and MG20,60,85-F2 glossmeters. The measurements are on a fee for measurement basis.

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Colorant Database Development

We are color technology experts with 35 years’ experience. During this time we have experience generating Paint, Solvent and Plastics databases.

A colorant database is a collection of six letdowns and two known colors. The letdowns are precise amounts of color in progressively higher concentrations of the color. The amount of color concentration is measured in one hundred of a gram. This becomes a color ladder that characterizes the color and is read by a spectrophotometer into the formulation software.

The knowns are mixtures of the color that check to see if we mixed the color ladder correctly. A color database consists of typically twelve different pigments with each pigment having its own color ladder. These ladders are used in the formulation software. So to match a color, you measure the color you want to match with a spectrophotometer to obtain the spectral curve. This curve is given to the formulation software. The formulation software then generates thousands of reiterations of the colorant database curves to match the desired spectral curve. The best combination from the colorant database that fit the desired curve is presented in a recipe to make the color wanted.

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Colorant Database


Color Seminars, Consulting and Training

We provide on-site Color Seminars designed for your application. Consulting is available and we are considered to be expert witnesses for legal cases. We provide on-site consulting in color technology to generate solutions for your color problem.

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Spectrophotometer Certification

We provide on-site ISO 17025 certification for spectrophotometers and colorimeters. Additionally we provide luminance measurement and certifications for light booths.

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